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History of clothes hangers
Clothes hangers and their history
Much of the time, we do not think about the origin of the various tools that we use to organize or simplify our daily life.
Hangers are a typical example, as their design is simple but functional. But who was the first to have this idea. Who invented the hanger?
There are many types of hangers that we use for various different purposes.

The most famous hanger, and possibly the first one, was made of wire. However, before wire hangers, hooks were used for hanging coats.

One morning in 1903, Albert J. Parkhouse arrived at his workplace, the Timberlake Wire and Novelty Company, a company in Jackson, Michigan, which manufactured various products made from wire. He looked for a hook to hang up his hat and coat, but there was none available.

Terribly annoyed, Parkhouse grabbed a piece of wire, folded it into 2 large elongated semicircle wreaths, one opposite the other, and turned both ends towards the center to create a hook. Then, he simply hang his coat and went to work!

The first conventional hanger had just been invented!
An improved hanger was designed by Schuyler Hulett and patented in 1932. It included paper tubes above and below a wire, thus preventing clothes from slipping.

Three years later, Elmer D. Rogers created a hanger, also using a paper tube at the bottom bar of the hanger, for hanging trousers. This type of hanger is still used nowadays.