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Cloth hangers may seem to be a small part of your business, but they are everything to us!
At, wood hangers are really important to us. We do not sell wood hangers as an afterthought or as a secondary product -they are our primary business. We focus on wood hangers, and we have done so since 1975, when we were founded as Delta Plast Home Equipment Co. Since then, our main purpose is to make excellent wood hangers and similar products.

Our company, with more than 300 designs, offers the largest selection of cloth hangers made from wood, metal, plastic, fabric and ecological paper. We are one of the best suppliers in retail sales, dressing room companies, hotels, fashion designers and residence. sets first the needs of the customer every single time! We build our company around your needs to make your work easier.

When you make an order from, be sure that you will always get the best products, manufactured with the highest standards, using the best materials. Usually, we maintain a large stock in order to satisfy any last-minute orders you may have. We can help you choose options that fit your budget, while keeping your image in mind.

As one of the largest hanger suppliers in Greece and Cyprus, is able to offer great savings with our competitive, factory-direct pricing.

Want your hangers to stand out? Engrave your logo or add a special color. Whatever the need, we can make it happen - and make it perfect!

We welcome all inquiries and look forward to assisting you.